Posted: July 27, 2012 in china travel
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Last week, before the rains and the generally crappy weather, I took a trip to Guyaju in Yanqing County, about two hours from Beijing’s center. There are  a number of ancient cliff dwellings to hike in and around. No one actually has a clue how they came to be, but it must have taken a ton of time and effort to carve out each cave.

Notably, this was the emptiest “attraction” I’ve been to in China. Very few other people – it was great!


some of the cliff homes.


german friends.

a fake “western” town – called jackson hole, I kid you not.

I can barely stand up. but I bet the people who built these were much shorter than I.


could you imagine living in one of these? they were barely tall enough to stand up in. although, it was nice and cool inside.





  1. Mom says:

    Now this is really neat!

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